Ir. Annegreet van Opbroek

Annegreet van Opbroek

Office: Na 2614
Phone: +31-10-70444118

Curriculum Vitae

Anna Gretha (Annegreet) van Opbroek was born in 1986 in Woubrugge, the Netherlands. In 2004 she finished secondary school in Tilburg with the predicate `Cum Laude’ and started a Bachelor in Applied Mathematics at the Delft University of Technology. During her Bachelor she specialized in probability, statistics, and stochastic research and broadened her knowledge with a minor in Applied Physics. Afterwards, Annegreet did a Master in Biomedical Engineering with specialization in Medical Imaging. Following her enthousiasm for probability&statistics, she soon became intrigued with machine learning. She conducted her masters thesis at the Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam (BIGR) at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on the application of transductive transfer-learning techniques in biomedical image segmentation.

Following her master thesis, Annegreet started a PhD at the BIGR group in October 2011 on the application of transfer learning for biomedical image segmentation. She was supervised by Wiro Niessen (promotor) and Marleen de Bruijne (co-promotor). She investigated the applicability of transfer-learning techniques to account for differences between training and test images, such as differences in used scanners, scanning protocols, and patient characteristics. She also herself developed several new transfer-learning techniques for medical image segmentation. The application of her project mainly lies in MRI brain segmentation.

As of September 2015, Annegreet works as a post-doctoral researcher at the BIGR group on a multi-center project on the development of IT infrastructure for large imaging studies. She coordinates software developers at the different centers and also develops and robustifies neuro-image-segmentation techniques for large multi-center datasets.

Research lines

Model-based Medical Image Analysis

Neuro Image Analysis


Transfer Learning in Biomedical Image Analysis


Journal Papers

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Conference Papers

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Conference Abstracts

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