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Annegreet van Opbroek

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    Ir. Annegreet van Opbroek

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    Annegreet van Opbroek (1986) was born in Woubrugge, the Netherlands. Early in life she showed a big interest in engineering and mechanics. In 2004 she finished her secondary school in Tilburg with the predicate ‘Cum Laude’ and started a Bachelor in Applied Mathematics at the Delft University of Technology. During her Bachelor she specialized in probability, statistics, and stochastic research and broadened her knowledge with a minor in Applied Physics. She was also very active in the Study Society of mathematics and computer science, where she also spent a year as fulltime chairman. Afterwards Annegreet did a Master in Biomedical Engineering with specialization in Medical Imaging. Her masters thesis was conducted at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where she performed research on the application of transductive transfer learning techniques in biomedical image segmentation.

    Since October 2011 Annegreet works as a PhD student at the Erasmus Medical Centre on the application of transfer learning in biomedical image analysis to account for differences between scanners, scanning protocols, image modalities, and patient characteristics. The application of her project mainly lies in MRI brain segmentation.


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