Ir. Martijn Starmans

Martijn Starmans

Office: Na 26-24k
Phone: +31-10-7038875

Curriculum Vitae

Martijn Starmans was born in 1991 in Velsen, The Netherlands. After finishing secondary school in Velsen with the predicate ‘Cum Laude’, he started a Bachelor in Applied Physics at the Delft University of Technology. He became interested in connecting technology and people, broadening his knowledge with a Minor in High-Tech Management. He was also very active at his student society in various committees, where he also spent a full-time board year as treasurer.

Afterwards, Martijn started a Master in Applied Physics in the Imaging Physics track, focusing on Medical Imaging. Simultaneously, he followed a Honours Track in Quantum Mechanics. He conducted his thesis in collaboration with the Daniel den Hoed Cancer Clinic of the Erasmus Medical Centre on 3-D breast ultrasound image segmentation and registration. He finished his Master in 2016 with an internship at Philips Healthtech in Best, The Netherlands, strengthening his knowledge on user-driven application development.

Since October 2016 Martijn works as a PhD student at the Erasmus Medical Centre on the development of a robust, multicentric, multimodal Radiomics platform as part of the STW STRaTeGy consortium.

Research lines

Image Registration


Radiomics: methods and applications