Dr. ir. Stefan Klein

Stefan Klein

Office: Na 25-16
Phone: +31-10-7043442

Curriculum Vitae

Stefan Klein is associate-professor in medical image analysis. He is leading the Image Registration research line within the BIGR group. For an overview of his research, see the list of publications below, and the overview page.

In 2002, Stefan received his MSc degree at the University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands, at the faculty of mechanical engineering. His MSc-project was on the segmentation of fingerprint images, using hidden Markov models. From 2003-2008 he worked as a PhD student on the subject of medical image registration at the Image Sciences Institute, UMC Utrecht, the Netherlands. The resulting PhD thesis, entitled “Optimisation methods for medical image registration”, can be downloaded here. He started in May 2008 as a PostDoc in the BIGR group and is leading the Image Registration research since 2011.

Stefan is together with Marius Staring responsible for the development of [elastix, a publicly available software package for image registration, based on the Insight Segmentation & Registration Toolkit.

Research lines

Cardiovascular Image Analysis

Image Registration