Zahra Sedghi Gamechi

Zahra Sedghi Gamechi

Office: Na 26-24k
Phone: +31-10-7038875
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Curriculum Vitae

Zahra Sedghi Gamechi was born on 05 May, 1987, Urmia, Iran. She received her bachelor diploma in Electrical Engineering from Urmia University in 2010. Selected as ”Exceptional Talented Student” she followed her Master course in Communication Systems in Urmia University. Her focus in master course was on Image Processing and Pattern Recognition with a great interest in Medical Imaging.

After working as the director of Electrical Laboratory and a lecturer for Electrical Circuits in Urmia University of Technology(UUT) for 3 years, Zahra has started her PhD in Erasmus MC - University Medical Center Rotterdam, on Biomedical Image Analysis since November 2014.

Research lines

Model-based Medical Image Analysis


Aorta and Pulmonary Artery Segmentation in Non-Contrast CT