Infrastructure Software


By NRG Lab, Washington University St. Louis

XNAT is an open source imaging informatics platform developed by the Neuroinformatics Research Group at Washington University. It facilitates common management, productivity, and quality assurance tasks for imaging and associated data. Thanks to its extensibility, XNAT can be used to support a wide range of imaging-based projects.


By BIGR, Erasmus MC

XNATpy is a python package that allow simple communication with XNAT from Python using the REST API. It wraps the XNAT data model in Python classes so that the user has an interface that looks like simple Python objects.

Study Governor

By BIGR, Erasmus MC

The Study Governor is an automated data and state manager. This service keeps track of the status of all data samples (usually scan sessions) in the study and automates the process. This is the brain of the Imaging Data Science Platform. It exposes a REST API and a web interface to monitor and manage the study process.

Task Manager

By BIGR, Erasmus MC

The Task Manager manages tasks for manual interaction with image and derived data. Tasks can be added to the Task Manager by the Study Governor via its REST API but can also be used stand-alone. The Task Manager is part of the Imaging Data Science Platform, an infrastructure for popalation and cohort based medical imaging studies developed by the Erasmus MC.


By BIGR, Erasmus MC

Interactive viewer for inspection and annotation of medical images. It is driven by a task list supplied by the task supervisor and gets the image resources directly from XNAT.


By BIGR, Erasmus MC

Fastr is an automated workflow engine with support for advanced data flows. Fastr has built-in data provenance for recording processing trails and ensuring reproducible results. The extensible plugin-based design allows the system to interface with virtually any image archive and processing infrastructure. This workflow engine is designed to consolidate quantitative imaging biomarker pipelines in order to enable easy application to new data.


By LKEB, Leiden University Medical Center

Pipeline Inspection and Monitoring tool is a web-based application in which the progress and status of automated pipelines (such as fastr workflows) can be inspected.