Gokhan Gunay, MSc.

Gokhan Gunay

Office: Na 26-16
Phone: +31-10-7044078
Email: g.gunay@erasmusmc.nl
Website: http://www.bigr.nl/people/GokhanGunay/

Curriculum Vitae

Research lines

Image Registration


Journal Papers

  • G. Gunay, Luu, A. Moelker, T. van Walsum and S. Klein, Semiautomated registration of pre- and intraoperative CT for image-guided percutaneous liver tumor ablation interventions,Medical Physics, v.44, pp.3718-3725, 2017 }

Conference Papers

Conference Abstracts

  • G. Gunay, Luu, T. van Walsum and S. Klein, Semi-automated registration of pre- and intra-operative liver CT for image-guided interventions, NVPHBV Fall meeting , 2015