Jiahang Su, MSc.

Jiahang Su

Office: Na 25-06
Email: j.su@erasmusmc.nl
Website: LinkedIn

Curriculum Vitae

Jiahang Su started in November 2017 as a Ph.D. candidate in the BIGR group. She works in the CONTRAST project with her research focused on Collaboration for New Treatments in Acute Stroke.

In 2017, she received a Master’s degree from the Electrical Engineering Department of Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e), Netherlands. As an engineer, she has developed rich experience by working in industrial environments. The journey started in 2013 at the Philips Research, where she developed an Android software application for the Jennet-IP network and demonstrated a lighting Internet-of-things (IoT) prototype – the Philps HUE system. In 2014, she started her bachelor graduation project at Philips Innovation Service. She made contributions to implementation and verification of the Reed-Solomon error correction algorithm on a commercial FPGA platform. In 2017, she finished her master graduation project in the Department of Head Brain, Behavior and Cognition at Philips Research. Her research was focused on automating the 3D brain vascular structure extraction from MR image. The main deliverable was a patent filing.

Research lines

Image guidance in interventions and therapy