Dr. Jifke Veenland

Jifke Veenland

Office: Na 26-03
Phone: +31-10-7043122

Curriculum Vitae

Jifke Veenland obtained her MS degree in Medicine at Groningen University and her MS degree in Informatics at Leiden University. She received her PhD degree at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (Depts of Radiology and Medical Informatics) at 1999.

She worked from 1997 as a researcher in automated image analysis at KPN Research before she joined in 2000 the Departments of Radiology and Medical Informatics. She is involved in many teaching activities. Currently she is at the Erasmus MC the coordinator for the MSc Technical Medicine, and developed and coordinates the track Imaging and Intervention. Teaching activities range from organizing the image course for clinical technology students, the Advanced Image Processing Course for Technical Medicine students, an image course for technical students and Junior Med School students, to academic skill development for medical students. Currently she is leading the project to develop technical education for medical students.

Scientific interests include image analysis in oncology with a special focus on heterogeneity analysis/radiomics and tissue characterization with MRI using Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Research lines

Image analysis in oncology