Ir. Karin Bol

Karin Bol

Office: Na 26-20
Phone: +31-10-704124
Website: http://xxxxxxxxx

Curriculum Vitae

Karin Bol (1976) was born in Den Haag, the Netherlands. She started her career as a radiographer at the Rode Kruis Ziekenhuis (currently called Haga Ziekenhuis) in Den Haag. However, Karin wanted to do more with the images she took, so in 2006 she started the master study Medical Natural Sciences - Medical Physics at the VU university in Amsterdam. She did a minor internship at the Amsterdam Medical Centre (AMC) concerning the evaluation of semi- automatic carotid stenosis measurements in CT-angiography and 3D-rotational- angiography. During her major internship at the Nuclear Medicine department at the VU university Karin studied the performance, quality and optimization of I-124 imaged with the Phillips GEMINI TF PET/CT.

Since June 2009 Karin works as a PhD student at BIGR. Her PhD project focuses on the functional imaging of tumor uptake and therapy response: combining CT, SPECT and MRI to monitor peptide receptor radionuclide therapy.

Research lines

Image analysis in oncology


Multi-modal image analysis of tumour characteristics for treatment monitoring

Multi-modal image registration: matching MRI with histology