Dr. Marius de Groot

Marius de Groot

Office: Na 25-09
Phone: +31-10-7044246
Email: xxx@erasmusmc.nl
Website: http://xxxxxxxxx

Curriculum Vitae

Marius de Groot (1979) joined the NeuroImaging section of BIGR in May 2007. Marius studied Medical Imaging at the Delft University of Technology, and first came to BIGR for his MSc research project. After graduating (cum laude) in Delft, he continued to do his PhD at BIGR. In this position, he developed novel analysis methods for the cross-subject investigation of diffusion MRI data. He focussed on improving image alignment, automated segmentation of white matter tracts with tractography (see AutoPtx) and symmetric longitudinal analyes. He also focused on applying these methods to the Rotterdam Study data. Marius obtained his PhD cum laude in October 2014.

Marius is currently working as a post-doctoral researcher at BIGR and at the department of Epidemiology of the Erasmus MC. In this project, he is enabling further analysis of white matter microstructure in the Rotterdam Study.

Additionally, Marius is involved in the design of a novel infrastructure platform for population imaging, both to support more efficient data analysis in the Rotterdam Scan Study, but also as a more generic solution for large scale imaging studies.

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