Mohamed Benmahdjoub, MSc.

Mohamed Benmahdjoub

Office: EE 21-85


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Curriculum Vitae

Mohamed Benmahdjoub graduated in Computer Science at USTHB (Université des sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumediene - Algiers, Algeria) in 2017. In his bachelor thesis (2015), he worked on semantic web (Conception and Implementation of a multilingual ontology on language disorders). As for his master’s thesis(2017), He addressed the feasibility of intra-operative augmented reality for Arthroplasty at IMASCAP (Brest, France).

He joined Erasmus MC and the MKA (in English : CMF for Cranio-maxillofacial) department in October 2018 as a PhD candidate under the supervision of Dr. ir. Theo van Walsum and Prof. Dr. E.B. (Eppo) Wolvius. His PhD project revolves around Intra-operative augmented/mixed reality navigation for cranio-maxillofacial surgery.

His interests are Augented/Mixed/Virtual reality, image guidance and navigation, visualization and artificial intelligence.

Research lines

Image guidance in Interventions and Therapy