Ir. Yao Yao

Yao Yao

Office: Na 26-12
Phone: +31-10-7044120

Curriculum Vitae

Yao Yao received her bachelor’s degree in 2010 from Donghua University, Shanghai, China, where she studied Computer Science and Technology. She also holds a secondary diploma in Artistic Design(New Media) from the same university. From 2010 to 2012, she was a volunteer teacher on information technology at a primary school in Dalian. After that, Yao came to the Netherland and studied at Delft University of Technology. In 2014, she graduated on the project “Computational Assessment of Single-Molecule Protein Sequencing” and received a MSc degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Bioinformatics. She also holds a certificate for Honours Programme Master in Computer Science from the same university, where she focused on image analysis and developed an interest in it.

As of March 2015, Yao works as a PhD student at Erasmus MC on the project “Supra Analysis of Dynamic Processes in Living Cells” under the supervision of Dr. Ir. Erik Meijering.

Research lines

Cellular and Molecular Image Analysis


Supra-analysis of intracellular dynamics


Journal Articles

  1. Yao, Y., Docter, M., van Ginkel, J., de Ridder, D., & Joo, C. (2015). Single-molecule protein sequencing through fingerprinting: computational assessment. Physical Biology, 12(5), 055003.


  1. Yao, Y., Smal, I., Grigoriev, I., Martin, M., Akhmanova, A., & Meijering, E. (2017). Automated Analysis of Intracellular Dynamic Processes. In Y. Markaki & H. Harz (Eds.), Light Microscopy: Methods and Protocols (pp. 209–228). New York, NY: Springer New York.