Model-based Medical Image Analysis

The “Model-based Medical Image Analysis” research line of the Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam (BIGR) develops novel techniques for quantitative analysis of medical images, with a focus on large-scale image-based studies. An important theme is the application of machine learning techniques in differential diagnosis and prognosis of disease. Such techniques, using statistical prediction models derived from images for which the diagnosis has already been established or for which the future course of the disease is known, are widely applicable and often more robust than conventional image analysis methods. Currently our main application areas are in neuro-, vascular-, and pulmonary image analysis.

Current projects

Associated People


PhD Students


  • Laurike Harlaar
  • Qianting Lv
  • Ivan Dudurych
  • Ruwan Tennakoon
  • Silas Ørting

Trainees & Visitors

  • Emmanuel Ahenkan
  • Luc Cronenberg
  • Eline Ooms

Former group members

  • Florian Dubost
  • Raghav Selvan (PhD student, University of Copenhagen)
  • Annegreet van Opbroek (PhD student)
  • Hakim Achterberg (PhD student)
  • Andres Arias Lorza (PhD student)
  • Wieying Kuo (Associated PhD student)
  • Veronika Cheplygina (Postdoc)
  • Adria Perez-Rovira (Postdoc)
  • Leonie Tepper (Associated PhD student)
  • Sepp de Raedt (Associated PhD student)
  • Jens Petersen (PhD student+PostDoc, University of Copenhagen)
  • Arna van Engelen (PhD student)
  • Nora Baka (PhD student)
  • Melanie Ganz (Associated PhD student)
  • Vladlena Gorbunova (PhD student, University of Copenhagen)
  • Lauge Sørensen (PhD student, University of Copenhagen)
  • Pechin Lo (PhD student, University of Copenhagen)

Former trainees and visiting scientists

  • Oliver Werner
  • Natalie Barry
  • Nicolas Posocco
  • Kimberlin van Wijnen
  • Florian Calvet
  • Robin Camarasa
  • Corentin Doue
  • Arno van Hilten
  • Camilla Frejlev Bæk
  • Julie Nørgaard Moeslund
  • Signe Skjødt Worsøe-Petersen
  • Filipe Marques
  • Pauline Dame
  • Gerda Bortsova
  • Isabel Pino Pena
  • Joram Keijser
  • Zeinab Naseri
  • Ali Vard
  • Yuan Chen
  • Katja Mogalle
  • Babak Ghafary Asl
  • Jaime Garcia Guevara
  • Francesco Ciompi
  • Annegreet van Opbroek
  • Alex Paleoroutas