About BIGR

The Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam (BIGR) is at the forefront of research in medical image analysis & artificial intelligence (AI). We aim to improve efficiency and quality of healthcare by developing innovative AI methods in medical imaging. BIGR is rooted and embedded in Department of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine of Erasmus MC.

We focus on both fundamental and applied research, covering the topics of image analysis, machine learning, image reconstruction, quantitative imaging biomarkers, image-guided interventions, making use of both research data (e.g. population studies) and routine clinical data. We have a strong outward look: towards other imaging sources, other diagnostic modalities, integrated diagnostics, collaboration with clinical departments. We have strong collaborations with many researchers, clinicians and industry partners. Besides excellent research, our group is one of the leaders regarding developments in imaging research infrastructure: Health-RI, Euro-BioImaging, Horizon Europe projects.

BIGR is formed by 40+ members including principle investigators, postdocs, PhD student, MSc/BSc students, and research software engineers. We find it important to have strong cohesion in the group, on social, scientific and infrastructure aspects and we strive to be the most attractive and well-organised group in AI for medical image analysis. Also, we have learned that people educated in our group have excellent career opportunities.