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Cancer imaging datasets exist for different cancer types, but they are scattered among many repositories and clinical centres in Europe, and they are not easily accessible to clinicians, researchers and innovators.

The European Cancer Imaging Initiative will work towards linking up resources and databases to an open, available and user-friendly infrastructure of cancer images for all stakeholders. This will be achieved through an integrated approach designed with major European research organisations, institutions, and companies. The infrastructure will support the development and benchmarking, testing and piloting of tools for personalised medicine, essentially offering a backbone for the next generation of cancer diagnostics and treatments.


The EUropean Federation for CAncer IMages (EUCAIM) project originates from an unprecedented body of work and expertise of the “AI for Health Imaging” Network (AI4HI), which consists of 86 affiliated institutions from 20 countries involved in 5 large EU-funded projects on big data and AI in cancer imaging (CHAIMELEON, EuCanImage, INCISIVE, ProCancer-I, PRIMAGE; coordinated by HULAFE, UB, MAG, FORTH and HULAFE, respectively). This network will bring information from more than 91.000 patients with cancer.

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