Symposium on what every researcher developing software and wants to translate results to the clinic should know about the MDR, June 4th at Na.26.02

Ilva attended the Euro-Bio Imaging to present the latest developments regarding the Imaging Office.

A group portrait of BIGR was published in the latest issue of the NWO I/O Magazine, featuring Abdullah Thabit, Stefan Klein, Luisa Sanchez Brea and Theo van Walsum.

In the first week of April, Ruisheng Su defended his dissertation on ‘Image Analysis of Cerebral Angiography in Ischemic Stroke’ and obtained his PhD degree ‘Cum Laude’.

Esther Bron was interviewed about the EUCAIM project at ECR 2024 Vienna.

Publication by Xianjing Liu in Lancet’s eClinicalMedicine