Glioma Analysis

About the research topic

This research line comprises multiple projects at Erasmus MC (some in collaboration with LUMC, TU Delft and Radboudumc) aimed at the development and implementation of novel imaging and image analysis techniques of primary brain tumours (gliomas). The work is led by Dr. Stefan Klein (BIGR) and Prof. Marion Smits, MD, PhD (Radiology and Nuclear Medicine department, EMC), in close collaboration with Prof. Dr. Pim French (Neurology department, EMC), Prof. Dr. Ir. Geert Litjens (Computational Pathology Group, Radboudumc), Prof. Dr. Ir. Matthias van Osch (Radiology department, LUMC), Dr. Frans Vos (Medical Imaging department, TU Delft), as well as clinical partners within the Brain Tumour Centre of the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute (Prof. Martin van den Bent, Prof. Arnaud Vincent). Together we assess imaging phenotypes of glioma genotypes by developing trustworthy AI, using both (advanced) MRI and histopathology data. Clinical translation and utility are important aspects of both AI and advanced image acquisition assessment. Related projects include the iGENE study, vascular signature mapping and the Virtual Biopsy project.

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