Imaging Office

The Imaging Office provides a wide variety of imaging related services. The services we can offer are grouped as follows:

  • Trial support
  • Data services for data management (e.g. anonymization, support for sharing data, curation, storage)
  • Digital image processing for clinical research
  • Imaging software development
  • Imaging software implementation
  • Infrastructure for (large) clinical studies

The Imaging Office receives requests from our own department (i.e. Erasmus MC Radiology & Nuclear Medicine), other departments within the Erasmus MC, but also from other medical centers throughout Europe and even from industry. The Imaging Office offers access to all the combined knowledge and skills within the Radiology & Nuclear Medicine department, to fulfill the requests and with that improve (research in) healthcare.

The Imaging Office and BIGR

The Imaging Office can be seen as a way to make broader use of all the impressive work that is performed within BIGR. With that, it offers the possibility to make more clinical impact. Because of the close collaboration with BIGR, the Imaging Office is able to provide (nearly) ready to use image analysis pipelines and research infrastructure developed at BIGR, as a service.

Collaborations, Partners & Networks

More information

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